As the famous saying goes, ballet is a young people's art. It most certainly applies to the newly formed "Young Russian Ballet". Most of its dancers are under 25. Yet, despite their young age, many of the artists already enjoy recognition both in Russia and abroad.

The "Young Russian Ballet" has been conceived as an ensemble of soloists, with each dancer having a strong individuality and experience with a wide range of dance roles.

Thus, every artist has confident command of classical, character dance, modern, and even jazz dance.

However, the focus of the group remains on the classical repertoire. The troupe was created by Andrei Lyapin and Nastya Sverchkova. Both Andrew and Nastya boast an impressive artistic track record, having dancing as soloists in a number of Russia's leading ballet theatres.

The group's artistic program is being designed with two main areas in mind- classical ballet and folk/ethnic ballets.

The first series is expected to start with Tchaikovsky's ballets, viewed by the founders of the group as the cornerstone of further artistic endeavors. Andrei and Nastya try to avoid extremes in their approach to the classical dance repertoire. On one hand, they do not aim for literal duplication, authentic performance of initial stagings. On the other hand they are not fond of risky experiments seeking to modernize the classical repertoire.The troupe offers the audience its own version of famous ballet stagings - ones that are more compact, dynamic, in line with today's fast-moving pace.

The second artistic concept involves the creation of original ballets based on ethnic, folklore material. These should be staged by choreographers from various parts of the world, by artists who are able to convey the spirit of their country and people using the language of classical dance.

Thus, the repertoire of the new theater should make up a mosaic, reflecting the quests and accomplishments of modern choreographic thought.

The "Young  Russia's  Ballet" artists are looking forward to sharing their art with ballet fans worldwide.